About Advantage Trim by Russin

Russin Lumber is proud to announce that all Advantage Trim products are manufactured at company-owned facilities. Our brand-new facility in Chile employs the most technologically advanced equipment on the market to convert raw material into defect-free blocks, then fingerjoint blanks, and finally boards with a glass-smooth surface which is ideal for proper coating adhesion.These exceptionally high-quality Radiata pine boards are shipped to our state-of-the-art machine-applied coating facility located in Montgomery, New York for two-coat priming and final packaging.

Why Are We Producing Fingerjoint Boards and Two-Coat Priming Ourselves?

Because having total control over every step of the manufacturing process guarantees the best quality available anywhere in the world, along with consistent supply and fair pricing. Many competitors talk about quality - at Russin Lumber we live it every day, one board at a time. Our exacting manufacturing process, combined with our investment in technologically advanced machinery and exacting quality specifications ensure Advantage Trim products are the finest available anywhere in the world.

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