About Designer Ply

Designer Plywood

Russin Lumber created DesignerPly with one goal in mind: to provide our customers with the best possible product available in the marketplace, and to do it at a price that would guarantee greater success with the product line.

To produce a game changing product, we needed game changing thinking. We have an office in China devoted exclusively to quality control, and we have a full-time staff of native Chinese inspectors and graders whose educations and training have been devoted specifically to the equipment, materials and production processes necessary to produce the highest-quality hardwood plywood panels available anywhere.

We created DesignerPly with grades written in plain English, understandable by all of our customers, with no hidden ingredients or “secret sauce.” The secret of DesignerPly is its consistency – unlike many competitors, we guarantee that each unit of DesignerPly will meet our grade specifications and will have uniform veneer thickness and core stability, piece after piece.

New to DesignerPly? Ask your Russin representative why so many dealers have switched!

DesignerPly is available in birch, oak and maple as well as Luaun.


Look for DesignerPly+ Certified Premium Underlayment, available now with a limited lifetime warranty!

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