Easy to work with, stunning to look at.

Eco-Side BOLD Features

Building green is easy with Eco-side. Using 100% recycled content, Eco-side is FSC certifiied and can contribute points to LEED projects.
Resistant to termite damage, rotting, cracking and splitting, Eco-side is engineered to last.
Using state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques, Eco-side is 50% lighter than fiber cement siding, making the panel easier than ever to handle.
Available in 6" and 8" widths with a 3/8" thickness and a 12' length, Eco-side has the perfect profile for any building.
Once installed, Eco-side’s nail hem is covered, eliminating the need for painted nails and ensuring a fresh clean look all around.
Upside down or right side up, Eco-Side can be installed however you please.

Eco-Side BOLD Colors

The color of your home is an expression of it’s architecture, character, and surroundings. That’s why we have taken great care in factory painting Eco-side BOLD in 10 designer colors.  From rich earth tones to vibrant hues, Eco-side BOLD is set to look great on your home, fresh out of the box.

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