Russin Lumber

Spruce Furring & Bridging, Dimensional Lumber

Russin carries a full line of kiln-dried spruce furring and bridging to serve the needs of customers throughout our trading area. We pride ourselves on carrying full-size furring stock so customers always have their expectations met. We source our furring and bridging very carefully, using only a small group of suppliers who we’re confident will meet our tight specifications, time and time again. Russin carries kiln-dried dimensional lumber in 2x3, 2x4 and 2x6 with the goal of providing premium products to our customers and filling needs for volumes ranging from single units to truckloads. We stock everything from Eastern spruce to Western Hem fir, White fir and Douglas fir. Again, we source mills very carefully with the goal of giving out customer the option of purchasing a 99% wane-free product: by using mills such as Lulumco for Spruce and SDS for Fir, we ensure a high-quality stick and consistent quality of production with every order.

Stair Materials

Russin Lumber has been servicing stairbuilders since our company’s founding in 1957. We are extremely proud to say that many of our stairbuilder customers have been with us since the very beginning. Russin stocks a wide array of options for stringer and riser stock, and we stock stepping in both Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas fir. Additionally, we have many customers who love the flexibility of our mill-direct stair tread program. Offering red and white oak, poplar, cherry and practically any other specie you could think of, we ship entirely Appalachian stock in digestible quantities to stairbuilders throughout our trading area. Many of our customers find that the higher quality of our Stairbuilder’s Reserve treads are a good fit for their businesses. Designed with the choosiest builders and homeowners in mind, Stairbuilder’s Reserve holds to a higher grading standard than a typical FAS edge-glued oak tread. Our stocking dealers appreciate the fact that they can confidently use every piece, with no waste and no “uglies.” Ask your Russin representative about how our stair material program can add value for your business!

Fir Clears

Russin proudly offers clear Douglas fir products in stock, with flexibility in tally which is unparalleled. We offer flooring, ceiling profiles, S4S boards and stepping in an array of sizes and grades, and we pull material in quantities ranging from pieces to full loads.

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