An ESTABLISHED brand of hardwood decking from US DOMESTIC forests, manufactured for consumers conscious of DESIGN and FUNCTION with INNOVATIVE and PROVEN technology, creating the MOST STABLE and BEAUTIFUL hardwood decking available.
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JEM™ Joints { Joint End Matched } are THERMORY's® exclusive locking joints which span the joists resulting in 100% usable flooring planks, over 98% yield & beautfully machined interior design appearance.

Thermory® JEM™ Joints System Benefits:

  • Seams are NOT required to rest on support joists!
  • Machined ends lock together
  • Bending strength exceeds deflection coderequirements based on ASTM testing {16 “ joist spacing at 90° to deck board, 12” joist spacing at 45° to deck board}
  • Saves time measuring and cutting
  • Gorgeous, clean interior flooring look


The Thermory® Hidden Clip System ensures perfect-spacing and no pre-drilling installation using stainless steel hardware and machined side grooves for hidden fasteners.

Thermory® Hidden Clip System Benefits:

  • Proprietary Stainless Steel clip and screw
  • Fast, easy installation- perfectly spaced
  • Clip holds decking slightly above joists allowing air movement
  • Clips spring slightly with decking movement relieving potential stress on the wood
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