Russin Lumber's Precision Manufacturing Process Utilizes State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

Built from the ground up in 2007, the Russin Lumber manufacturing facility is strategically located in the Conception area of Chile close to Radiata pine supply hubs and major shipping ports. The automated production line incorportes the most modern, sophisticated equipment available today from Luxscan, Grecon Dimter and Weinig to convert raw meterial into defect-free blocks then fingerjoint blanks, and finally boards with a glass-smooth surface which is ideal for proper coating adhesion. These eceptionally high-quality boards feature:
  • Sophisticated x-ray and scanning produces clear blocks, both inside and outside
  • Finger Joints and edges bonded with the finest exterior-grade glue
  • all boards processed with with Weinig molders – no sanding
  • Boards available raw and primed

Why Choose Clear Fingerjoint Radiata Pine From Russin Lumber of Chile?

Because Quality Makes a Difference.

Russin Lumber of Chile controls every step of the manufacturing process to guarantee you the best quality available in the world, along with consistent supply and fair prices. every piece of raw material is scanned by two x-ray heas and four color cameras to read defects both inside and outside the wood, and to ensure ideal moisture content. This information is directed to the to the production line where any high moisture content material is removed. Then, an automated chop saw remove all defects to guarantee clear material throughout the board. Next, boards enter a state-of-the-art fingerjointer which bonds the American-style fingerjoints and edges with the finest exterior-grade glue. Each board is then processed by Weinig molders, resulting in an exceptionally-smooth glass-like surface. Because boards are molded, the possibility of raised grain is significally reduced and the surface is ideal for proper paint adhesion during the priming process. Our exacting manufacturing process, combined with our investment in technologically advanced machinery and exacting quality control ensure our products are among the finest available anywhere in the world.
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